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Melanie Miller, MD, brings a commitment to integrative health to her patients in the greater Birmingham area. Her definition of good health goes beyond freedom from disease. She strives for both physical and mental well-being. She wants her patients to live with energy and vitality, a sound mind, an open spirit, and within a supportive community.

When illness, pain, or disease does strike, she takes a much broader approach to healing. She practices disease and evidence-based medicine when necessary, but she believes in using natural and less invasive options whenever possible, blending the best of both worlds with a goal of increased success and improved health.

This approach is not for everybody; Dr. Miller doesn’t practice simple medicine. Her patients are active partners, managing their health at all levels. Rather than simply treating symptoms, she strives to find the root cause of ¬†health issues and work with her patients to change activities that are putting their bodies at risk as they make the journey back to wellness.

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