The body is bombarded with toxins everyday from the air we breathe, to the food we ingest, or the water we drink. Glutathione assists the liver in cleaning out undesirable and harmful substances throughout our lives. There can sometimes be a malfunction of our bodies to create it’s own glutathione for many different reasons. A defienciency in glutathione can manifest as sluggishness, fatigue, memory loss, foggy thinking, to a myriad of health issues including neurological degenerative diseases. This important amino acid can be supplemented through IV therapy with dramatic results for healing the body; or as a liposomal oral capsule.

The delivery of glutathione is extremely significant, as the stomach acid will denature the reduced form of glutathione which is what our bodies need to be effective in detox. Many people notice immediate benefits when beginning glutathioine replacement. It can also begin a “die off” response when getting rid of all the toxins built up in our system. This is a good sign in the process of your body trying to rid itself, heal, and repair any damage. The brain needs glutathione to function properly as well. It can recharge your health, boost your immune system, and give you more energy to thrive in your everyday life. Your body will be more able to recover from intense exercise, reduce free radicals, and assist with the bodies ability to overcome illness and fight aging degeneration. Every cell in the body needs plenty of glutatione to function at it’s peak performance.

Glutathione IVs are available at our office. Come by to discuss further!